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Bret Michaels Fractures Nose, Almost Loses Head at Tony Awards

Sometimes Monday morning just brings you a gleaming, radiant little bit of news that helps the transition into next week all the more smooth and less awkward. It's no big surprise that I am a gigantic fan of former hair metal frontman/reality TV superstar Bret Michaels. I have watched every minute of every season of VH1's Rock of Love, enjoying myself immensely along the way. When the Tony Awards asked Michaels to play his song "Nothin' But a Good Time" in their opening number for last night's program -- due to the popularity of the current musical Rock of Ages featuring the song -- I was absolutely thrilled. What ensued after Michaels wrapped his performance nearly ruined my world. Behold what happened to the former Poison front man after the jump.

A rep for the Tonys says that Michaels simply "missed his mark." He suffered a fracture nose and busted lip that required three stitches. For the first time in my life, I have seen Michaels in a threatening situation, and I don't like it. How is there going to be a fourth season of Rock of Love if he's getting knocked silly by moving set pieces? I am shaken by what transpired last night, but I am thankful that Michaels escaped this whole ordeal without any serious injuries. Yes, I know he pased out behind the wheel of his Ferrari in May of 1994 and crashed into a telephone pole, but there's no video of that on the internet.

Bret: take it easy for a few days and rest up. When the Tonys come calling again (which is unlikely) be sure to pay attention during rehearsals so this doesn't happen again. The thought of life without you is something that I simply cannot bear. If we lose you, then me dressing up as you for Halloween will just seem like a dick move and I will be lumped in with those other jackasses that choose to dress up as Steve Irwin. Like Kelly Clarkson so brilliantly sings, my life would suck without you, Bret Michaels. Get well soon, my little fallen angel.

Thanks to Best Week Ever for pointing me towards Gawker, where I obtained the video.

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