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Brian's Escape

Though they're self-described as an "indie/soul/rock" band, Brian's Escape packs a little more heat than those blasé labels might suggest. Loud, heavy, and in yo' face, they're better described as power pop with a hint of screamo. Having formed as Breaking the Silence in 2005, the sextet is now releasing a new record called The Journey. Taking an approach that is typically attempted only by seasoned vets with a highly anticipated record coming out (think Dead Weather), the band plans to play the new album in its entirety at their CD-release show. That takes balls. But it's that same confidence that fuels their sound and their energy to self-promote. Also claiming that "the music is excellent" in their bio, they talk a big talk. And for a local band to plan said release at one of the larger venues in town, they must expect their fans to deliver too. Falling into the deadly trap of referring to their own music undefinable, they claim, "The best piece of advice would be to listen to the songs and decide for yourself what exactly this Brian's Escape music really is." You'll have your chance this weekend.
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Sarah Ventre