Brides of March and Shizzfest Over the Weekend

Beware the "Brides" of March
Riding on the heels of December's "Santarchy," "The Brides of March," is the latest whacky social gathering created by Arizona Cacophony Society, the same people responsible for the Idiotarod. Their goal: total inebriation while sporting dresses usually reserved only for days of matrimonial solidification...full story

See: The Brides of March in Photos

Shizzfest Offers the Chance to Reunite With Old Friends and Make New Ones
Back in 2004, local music message board The Shizz was practically the center of my universe. I used to regularly check the site several times a day to catch up on the most recent gossip and goings-on of the downtown Phoenix music scene. I confess that I mostly lurked and rarely posted, but reading The Shizz regularly I gleaned tidbits about what shows were happening that night, which bands were forming or breaking up, or what CDs other users were listening to...full story

See: Shizzfest in Photos

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