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Britney Spears Better at "Telephone" than Lady Gaga?

So, you're totally sick of Lady Gaga, and if you hear her version of "Telephone" one more time...

Relax. Now you can still listen to what could be the catchiest pop song of 2010 without it coming from a Christina Aguilera-sound-a-like.

That's right, Britney fans--Ms. Spears' version of the hit, which she recorded a demo of for her album Circus, leaked over the weekend, and, dare we say, it's just as good as the Gagster's.

There's not much different with Brit Brit's take--the harps are still there, the lyrics and chorus and melody are still the same and there's still that sample of a telephone operator.

What makes it pretty cool is that Spears' song is even more electronic than Gaga's, since her opening vocals are distorted. It's still as upbeat and fun as ever, but Spears' version on its own could make it into any dance DJ's repertoire--no remix required.

And even without the power force that is Beyoncé, Spears holds her own on the track just fine (interesting to note how the two singers pronounce the word "station" differently, though). It's a shame she passed on this hit (just as she did "Umbrella," which later went to Rihanna), but now that it's leaked, hopefully we'll be hearing a Spears-Gaga mash-up soon.

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Nicki Escudero
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