Broken Hopes

I was all gung-ho about hitting up the free Army of Robots/Back Ted N-Ted/Loveblisters show in Flagstaff at the Monte Vista tonight until I saw a physician yesterday who told me that my wrist and tibia were fractured and splinted my entire right arm until I can see an ortho specialist... Hence I'm in Vicodin-land, typing with one hand, kicking myself for not just suffering through it (the Vic's rule though...). Anyway, I hope a lot of you can go, and in the meanwhile, here's a Back Ted N-Ted featuring Mike Busse (of Chronic Future) video for you, for a song called Insects, directed by Ben Sheppee, for you to enjoy.

Also, you fans of the classic rock out there won't want to miss Barry "the Fish" Melton of Country Joe and the Fish on Saturday night at Mardi Gras with Restless Natives. That is, if you're not going to the free Impossible Ones CD release party at the Yucca. Here's a track from a 3/24/02 show live at Nita's Hideaway; I'm not sure what the title is, but it's Barry "the Fish" Melton with Harold Acevas and Rich Hopkins: http://media.newtimes.com/id/740688/

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