Broloaf at Yucca Tap Room Last Night

Yucca Tap Room
Saturday, March 19

The idea of a three-year-old local band playing their 19th show last night is a little ridiculous, but Broloaf isn't the type of band that can churn out one show per week. The amount of planning and money that goes into each performance means they can only play once every two to three months, especially since a good chunk of their shows are free.

Broloaf plays good old-fashioned fast punk rock, but they can't be pigeonholed as just another punk band. Their stage presence is what really sets them apart. The band sports typical "bro" clothes like popped collars, jerseys, and sideways hats. The musicians are joined by an array of performers including cheerleaders, nerds, and others who want to party. The good news is most of them have beer, and plenty of it, and they're more than willing to share with the audience.

Last night marked Broloaf's CD release party for their debut full-length album, Champions on Parade. This spring break-themed celebration was kicked off by a bro handing out Mardi Gras beads (sorry, no boob flashing necessary) and judging a dance-off between two guys to the tune of DMX's "Party Up".

The band opened with a couple corporate themed songs as Ben Brah, one of the singers, took the stage wearing a suit, sideways hat, and sunglasses. He threw fistfuls of $100 bills with Charlie Sheen's face into the crowd.

How's that for Casual Friday?

Sheen made an appearance later on as "Gnarlie Charlie," staggering on stage with a fifth of Tiger's Blood and a pirate sword. That's what the bi-winning lifestyle is all about.

Cheerleaders kept the party going by dancing and serving beer bongs. A gal in pajamas shook a pillow full of feathers on the crowd for a song called "Barely Legal."

Broloaf invited a couple girls on stage for a "booty bounce contest" inspired by Juvenile's "Back That Ass Up". It was all fine and dandy until Detective Lancer showed up to put a stop to the underage drinkers and crack down on DUIs. The band took care of him by calling him a nerd and dragging him off stage.

Once Detective Lancer was taken care of, a couple of frat guys in brown hoods carried around paddles a la Animal House for "Haze Patrol." Ben Brah later appeared in a cap and gown for "Graduation Day" and congratulated the crowd on being initiated into the Broloaf fraternity.

They closed with "The Broloaf Anthem", as all the characters from the evening partied in harmony and celebrated by serving a few more beer bongs. The song ended with confetti cannons blasting off, leaving the audience covered with beer, feathers, and confetti.

Not a bad way to end spring break.

Critic's Notebook

Last Night: Broloaf Champions on Parade CD Release Party at the Yucca Tap Room.

Personal Bias: The last time I saw Broloaf, I had such a good time that I didn't mind being covered in other people's beer.

The Crowd: Drunk older punks.

Overheard in the Crowd: After the crowd got feathered, some guy warned his girlfriend, "it's just going to get worse."

Random Notebook Dump: Getting blasted with a confetti gun= knocking a barrette out of my hair, getting confetti in my eye, and an ear that's still ringing two and a half hours later. Andrew W.K. would be proud.

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Melissa Fossum
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