Brotha Lynch Hung Isn't Recognized as a Rap Pioneer, but He Should Be

Gangbangin' doesn't excite Brotha Lynch Hung anymore, nor does the topic of his cult following, one that's grown exponentially throughout his 27-year career. At 42, the seminal Californian rapper lights up when talking about his upcoming barbecue cookbook or the screenplays he's working on. But make no mistake -- Lynch, who goes by the name Kevin Mann when he's not on stage -- is more popular and motivated than he's ever been, currently showcasing his talents on Strange Music's "Independent Powerhouse" tour.

"I've been around people who weren't inspired, who were ready to give up, and that kind of weighs me down, so being around these young guns and really getting out inspires me," Mann says, backstage at Tucson's Rialto Theatre. "I'm ready to go home and do another album now."

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Kristian C. Libman