Buck 65 at Priceless Inn

Hipster street hustlers are secretly celebrating the impending visit of the Nova Scotian ratfish, a.k.a. Richard Terfly, a.k.a. Buck 65, this Sunday, October 17, at the P.I. in Tempe. (A "ratfish" is born a Pisces in the year of the rat, if you don't know). Buck 65 hit the scene back in 1997, producing, DJing and rapping on his debut, Language Arts, and went on to kick out a slew of EPs and albums. His newest, This Right Here is Buck 65, hits shelves in January. While Buck shows mad respect for hip-hop's history and basic elements, his own music often strays in territory usually occupied by trenchcoated miscreants like Tom Waits. His last LP, Talkin' Honky Blues, cemented his reputation as the highwayman of hip-hop, showing his rural roots on that weather-battered shack of an album. Wicked and weird? Definitely. He'll tell you so himself when he arrives. Admission is $10; Jim Bianco, Antedote and Pickster One will also perform
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Brendan Joel Kelley