Burned Out

marshall%20may.jpg I hadn't heard from my old pal Marshall "Fucking" Beck in a while, so I was pleasantly surprised to find a comment on my Myspace page from him today. Apparently his old band Rebirth is releasing a CD soon (he's got a band called Reign of Vengeance these days). Here's what Marshall had to say:

You guys at the New Times are going to love the thank you list for Rebirth's upcoming album... The cd release party is going to be a New Times burning party... If the fans bring 3 copies of unread New Times to burn they will get 3$ off the cover of the door... spread the word... love always, The baddest mother fucker in the Az metal scene

I find that shit hilarious, although there's probably something illegal about it (I think the small print specifies that only one copy is free per person). Nonetheless, I'm anxious to see the shout outs he's got for us, but he didn't let me know when the release show is, nor could I find it on any of his websites. Oh well, I'm sure he'll get up here in the comments and let everyone know.

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