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Bushes on Fire and Old Drunk People Last Night at Flogging Molly

Tempe Beach Park was alive with green last night.

Flogging Molly made their annual stop in Arizona to celebrate St. Patrick's Day, playing a show heavy on Irish ballads played at maximum speed, witty Celtic banter and plenty of toasts to their Arizona fans.

The band showcased songs from their new album, Speed of Darkness, but peppered the set liberally with old favorites.

The crowd was made up of folks from nearly all walks of life, a fact Twitter users noted, along with reports of bushes set on fire, comments on the set and of course references to that ever-flowing green beer.

Read on to see what locals tweeted during the concert.

@BrianManhattan Currently watching flogging Molly in Tempe... Irish you all were here for this madness...

@SDinquel: Flogging Molly at Tempe town lake. Luckily there are mock draft kiosks here.

@razordead: The Will Call line for Flogging Molly is ridiculous! @ Tempe Town Lake

@BridgetDaly: Some idiot set the bushes on fire at Tempe Beach Park. Wow. Why am I here? Oh yeah, Flogging Molly. Tempe, you have out done yourself.

Flogging Molly was amazing as always. But the damn Smithick's got me pretty good.

@TheStina: I`m at Tempe Beach Park to see Flogging Molly! haha. So many drunk old people. Eww! XD

@moonunit7: FLOGGING MOLLY TOTALLY ROCKED MY SOCKS!  my legs are sore from dancing my heart out! #feltsogood exited about their new album!

@jameskeenan: Proper St Pattys. Flogging Molly show & Guinness. Blessed.
@lanni2006: Dude just proposed at the flogging Molly show lmao
@Sh2nn0n: Flogging molly was awesome. Happy st. Patrick's day. Peace be with you japan and ireland

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Jason P. Woodbury is a music and pop-culture writer based in Phoenix. He is a regular contributor to the music blog Aquarium Drunkard and co-host of the Transmissions podcast.