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Caifanes @ Comerica Theatre

It was a year of landmarks when rock en español pioneers Caifanes released their self-titled debut. The Washington Redskins were crowned Super Bowl champions, then-presidential candidate George Bush made "read my lips" a catchphrase, and the hottest woman on the planet was a cartoon character named Jessica Rabbit. That year, 1988, was when the Mexican trio made waves in the Latin music scene by combining The Cure's gloomy brand of synth pop and flair with traditional Caribbean rhythms and Latin percussions. Songs like "La Bestia Humana" and "Mátenme Porque Me Muero" exemplified their sound, but it was a cover of Cuban folk song "La Negra Tomasa" that made them a household name. It's impossible these days to go a Mexican wedding, baptism, first communion, quinceañera, or any other celebration without hearing the familiar cumbia beat and haunting vocals of Saúl Hernández, a familiar sound if you've ever been to a Latin pachanga. The group disbanded in 1995 after Hernández and lead guitarist Alejandro Marcovich stumbled upon the "creative differences" epidemic that's claimed so many legendary acts. The split prompted Hernández to found another epic band, Jaguares. Fortunately for us, the original members made peace in time for 2011's Coachella Festival and are now continuing the feel-good reunion tour.

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Anthony Sandoval
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