Cake: Showroom of Compassion

John McRea and company have studied up in their six year absence, coming back with fresh ideas for their latest work - ideas such as the introduction of reverb, something the band had shied away from in the past. Helping balance out the reverb is another first for the band - acoustic piano. Both of these combine to make what McRea calls something "very different" for the band.

What the critics are saying:

IGN: "Mustache Man (Wasted)" is the best of the psychedelic leaning bunch, seamlessly blending the funky chirping organ with the buzz saw riffs, rumbling bass and trumpeting horns the band is known for.

A.V. Club: Some of the attitude has softened, McCrea's vocals are less dominating, and the band as a whole sounds more relaxed.

Los Angeles Times: As ever before, Cake romps with whatever genre -- pickled ska, roughshod country, even a rare snippet of Chopin-like classical piano -- in its indie folk mash.

Rolling Stone: Their sixth disc has the usual whirring keyboards and winking mariachi horns, all subject to John McCrea's satiric sing-talking. He lays into hipsters, guys with mustaches and Angelenos, tempering his derision with pathos.

Showroom of Compassion is out now via Upbeat Records.

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