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Calexico, Miniature Tigers Play Free SB 1070 Show for Voters ($30 for People Who Will Not Promise to Vote)

Are you interested in seeing Calexico, Miniature Tigers, Sergio Mendoza Y La Orkesta, Big Son (featuring Sam Means of The Format and Jeff and Chris of Reubens Accomplice), Sand Rubies, Kinch, and more for free?


Are you sure?

OK, you can, and all you have to do is pledge to vote on November 2. The show, in protest of SB 1070, is scheduled for August 27 at Marquee Theatre and sponsored by Artists For Action.

Now on to the important questions...

Q: What if you aren't yet a registered voter?
A: They'll have registration booths set up.

Q: Do you have to pledge to vote a certain way?
A: It doesn't appear so, though it seems to be strongly implied that you vote for candidates who oppose SB 1070, since that's the focus of the event.

Q: What if you are a convicted felon and thus unable to legally register to vote?
A: "If someone can not make that pledge because they are not allowed to register to vote by law, they will be allowed in," says an organizer.

Q: So that means segments of the Amish community and other people opposed to voting on philosophical or religions grounds will be required to pay?

A: "As this is a voter registration and voter pledge event, the event is not free to those who are idealogically opposed to voting," says an organizer.

Q: What will be the cost for those who will not pledge to vote?

A: "$30."

So there you have it, folks. Promise to vote and you can see Calexico, Mini T's and more for free. Don't want to make an oath? It's $30. Either way, a small price to pay.

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