Can You Learn To Mambo Before Sergio Mendoza Y La Orkesta TONIGHT?

Have we made any sort of big deal about Sergio Mendoza y La Orkesta show at The Rhythm Room? Just because we ran a preview under the headline "DO NOT MISS SERGIO MENDOZA" and one of our writers called them "The Most Important Band in Arizona" (a title I reserve for Dear and the Headlights -- at least until Sergio cuts their first EP)? Well, shucks, it looks like this show by the Tucson-bred classic Latin big band has us a little giddy.

OK, so now you know you should go to the show, but do you know enough to not totally embarrass yourself should you encounter an inescapable "opportunity" to dance? After scouring YouTube I've compiled a few tutorials on the basics of the Mambo, which is what you do when Sergio sings. You can also get a little taste of Sergio live. Check 'em out.


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