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Can't Grow Up on Rock Alone, Kid: Nine Swingin' Jazz Albums

I know. You like to rock. If it doesn't kick ass, you don't need it.

Or maybe you're listening to a different genre, like hip-hop, but it's still the same. You like that hard-driving, in-your-face kind of stuff. That wonderful, rebellious, youthful music that makes you want to take another shot and get wild.

I get it. I felt the same way at some point. So did the people 10 years in front of and behind me -- when we were young. But here's the trick. You can't survive on aggressive music alone as you continue to -- gasp -- mature. Situations, companions, family settings, and changing tastes will demand otherwise. Here's another way to put it: Your wife won't let you play that loud shit.

Luckily, the ol' Record Store Geek is here to help expand your musical horizons without turning into a total wuss.

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Steve Wiley
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