Scary Kids Stealing Names

Cap'n Spazz

I usually find it pretty goddamn annnoying when bands take their names from other band's song titles. This was the case when I first heard about

Scary Kids Scaring Kids

- especially since the band's name is copped from one of my favorite bands, the Chicago-based math-emo/post-hardcore progenitors

Cap'n Jazz

. Most people didn't make the connection though, because Cap'n Jazz was only around from 1988 - 1995. I actually had the privilege, way back in 1998, to do the very last (to my knowledge) post-mortem Cap'n Jazz


when its anthology album,


, was released. But I digress; Scary Kids have become a pretty good goddamn band over the last few years, and recently dropped a

Hot Topic

-only album entitled

The City Sleeps in Flames

. 'Cause I like you interweb-reading kids, here's a couple tracks for you...

"A Breath of Sunshine":

"The City Sleeps in Flames":


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