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Captain Squeegee: "Music Is Just Gonna Be Free! I'm Okay with That!"

Captain Squeegee sounds like a character at Phoenix Comicon, which is convenient but not quite accurate. It's actually a band at Comicon, with a performance coming up Saturday night at Comikaze.

We talked Friday afternoon with lead squeegee Danny Torgersen -- just before his appearance on a panel at Comicon re: "Acting & Directing Sci-Fi/Fantasy" -- about the difference between geekdom and nerd-dom, the importance of passion, and how to make money as a musician when nobody wants to buy music. (One of their solutions: A crowd-funded album with a Masonic-apron tier.)

What makes Captain Squeegee and Comicon a good fit? Where's the connection?

You know, I think I was genetically born with the nerd gene, like most of my friends. I've always had kind of a, you know, a mythological love of Comicon and everything that it stands for. But it's funny, it was kind of just this last year that I really pursued a connection with Squeegee and Comicon.

And a lot of that has to do with the fact that our music has literally been described as "Sci-Fi," like "Fantasy Rock." Over and over again we get that there's kind of this futuristic, interesting complexity that comes from that whole world of media . . . you know, it's sort of just in the vein of being a little bit technologically a geek, and also just a geek for content.

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Dan Moore