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Captain Squeegee Unleashes Illuminati-Approved Music Video

As upstart bands eye their throne, Captain Squeegee fervently works to defend the crown as Phoenix music video kings. The Mesa-based atomic jazz fusion ensemble has been steadily producing the highest-quality music videos in the Phoenix indie scene, with a barrage of videos in multiple disciplines.

The first video to come from Squeegee’s 2013 album To The Bardos was the Johnny McHone-animated claymation apocalypse epic “Inevitable,” which was followed up by the Matty Steinkamp circus freakout “The Factory.” Today, Captain Squeegee is releasing its newest multimedia work, another McHone production — “The Farce 500 Million.”

The song already is outrageous enough, with more time signatures and BPM shifts than probably any other local song ever written. That isn’t to say that "Farce" isn’t totally off the wall, just like its creators and its new animated music video.

“I love busting out all these mediums, and “Seek” is our next video that’s going to be a no-band video. It’s gonna be like a short film and that excites me a lot. But 'Farce' is our video with the least narrative, which excites me possibly even more. I want to make a bunch of videos on such a different wavelength than each other because if people see one, they will hopefully watch another, and that’s how you start a cult,” says Danny Torgersen, Captain Squeegee’s lead singer. “I couldn't be more happy that Johnny picked 'Farce,' because when I believe in somebody I want them to take my baby and raise it. It’s still my baby at the DNA level but its gonna turn into a completely different awesome person.”

It doesn’t hurt when the person that the musical baby is being passed off to happens to be an accomplished animator who has a credit on the Adult Swim show Mr. Pickles. Nor that the baby’s parents (Captain Squeegee) spent about an EP’s worth of money rearing it (so to speak), according to Torgersen.

A small price to pay however, considering how important this video is to Torgersen and Squeegee’s plan for global domination.

“I am a space alien lizard from the Drago star system and I’m here to take over bitches, and you better not front cause I got friends,” says Torgersen. “The plan is obvious and the fact that no one can stop it is proof that it should happen, and that’s why I put 'novus ordos seclorum' at the end of the video, and that's why everyone is going to look it up. Because they’re gonna be weirded out when it happens that’s why I put it in the song. Like, why is Danny hauntingly screaming Latin right now? And it’s because I didn’t write that shit. It’s on the dollar bill beneath the giant freaky 13-stepped pyramid that is looking into your soul saying ‘continue being a mind slave.'" 

Captain Squeegee is scheduled to perform August 14, at Yucca Tap Room in Tempe with Fairy Bones, Dan Tripp, and others. 
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