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Carly's Bistro Nerd Nite III: Serene Dominic on The Osmonds

"It's like the Discovery Channel, with beer." Nerd Nite at Carly's Bistro is an informal gathering that goes down every so often, featuring noted (or not so noted) authors, experts, or fans sounding off on a nerdy topic of their choosing.

Thursday, June 30, Arizona Republic and New Times contributor Serene Dominic dares to go where few music fans tread in public: the music of The Osmonds

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Dominic asserts that "in 1975 the hottest band in the land was not


but The Osmonds, five brothers from Provo, Utah who didn't let things like pre-marital sex and drugs get in the way of their global conquest of shrieking little girls!"

Up on the Sun caught up with Dominic to ask about the talk he plans to give.

"Helle approached me about doing something for Nerd Nite. They usually have people talking about something grounded in science or fact, and since the only thing I half know anything about is music, which is purely grounded in opinion and emotion, I suggested laying out a factual defense for the nerdiest band I could think of," Dominic says.

"Unconsciously nerdy," he continues, "Since every emo and math rock band deserves a beating after school. I went through my record collection and I had more Osmond albums than I cared to admit, so I thought I would defend them. They were a band that came up singing the squarest music (barbershop quartets)  [yet] they came around to making credible rock -- play "My Drum" off their Phase III album - it's like 'Moby Dick' with a melody."

Dominic cites: "Crazy Horses," a "song that gets regularly covered by "cool" bands [like] Glam Metal Detectives and Black Label Society. They invented Glam Metal with their mid period records."

"And then they came around full circle to being square again in 1976, when the Donny & Marie Show premiered, pushing The Osmonds further towards Branson.

"Everybody knows The Osmonds, and a lot of people secretly like them, so being able to come out and share a love for Osmonds is like being able to wear your underwear outside of your pants at ComicCon."

Nerd Nite III goes down at Carly's Bistro, 128 E Roosevelt Street, Thursday, June 30 at 8 p.m..

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Phoenix.