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Blues Traveler frontman John Popper made headlines last March when the 40-year-old vocalist and harmonica player demonstrated that mouth harps aren't the only weapons he likes to wield. After popping Popper's SUV for going 111 miles per hour and collaring the bluesman for carrying a small amount of marijuana, Washington State Patrol officers discovered a frightening cache of weapons hidden throughout the vehicle, including nine handguns, four rifles, and a switchblade knife. The formerly corpulent musician, a noted gun-rights advocate, claimed his mobile arsenal (as well as the SUV's flashing emergency headlights, siren, and PA system) was preparation should any sort of natural disaster or similar rapture-like event strike.

Popper ain't alone in his firearm fetish, as the music world is littered with an array of high-caliber performers who're locked and loaded. Here's the short list of musicians with munitions:

Ted Nugent
Weapon of choice: Various
No list of this nature would be complete without the "Nuge," as the National Rifle Association board member and author of God, Guns & Rock and Roll is way over the top in his passion for the Second Amendment, whether defending hunting on the Howard Stern Show, singing the praises of his Smith & Wesson 629 revolver and Browning Stalker .243 rifle, or doling out advice on his Web site (like which handguns are suitable for 13-year-olds). We're betting that if the Motor City Madman ever gets elected to the White House (he's rumored to be running for governor of Michigan in 2010), he'd make it constitutionally mandatory for every man, woman, and child to own a hand cannon.

James Hetfield
Weapon(s) of choice: Remington 30-06 shotgun, Weatherby 7mm handgun, and Browning 300 rifle
Just like the Nuge, Metallica's frontman is an avid outdoorsman who digs blasting wildlife to kingdom come when he isn't shredding guitars onstage with his bandmates. If only they'd let him hunt the über-annoying Lars Ulrich, we'd be happy.

Weapon of choice: Glock 29 semi-automatic
When Sheriff Joe Arpaio and his posse busted the hardcore rapper's Cave Creek compound on animal cruelty charges last month, the po-po also reportedly removed a large stash of firearms from the joint. It wasn't the first time DMX got frisked by the fuzz for his firearms, as he was nabbed at JFK Airport in 2004 for criminal possession of a weapon (as well as a slew of other charges) after impersonating a federal officer and trying to carjack some poor schlub.

Kurt Cobain
Weapon of choice: Remington M11 20-gauge shotgun
According to Nirvana: The Biography, Seattle cops seized several guns from Cobain's home mere months before he served himself a "breakfast of buckshot," including a Beretta .380, a Colt AR-15, two Taurus firearms, and 25 boxes of ammo. Whether or not you subscribe to the theory Kurt was offed by Courtney Love, the psychologically troubled singer definitely had an affinity for armament.

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