CASA Benefit ft. Seas Will Rise, Gay Kiss, and More, Yucca Tap Room, 1/26/13

Seas Will Rise, Gay Kiss, Said Gun, Dead Canyon @ Yucca Tap Room|1/26/12
Last night's charity event at the Yucca for CASA, a crisis center focused on the prevention of sexual abuse, went surprisingly well, all things considered. Along with the originally intended charity, the Boys & Girls Club of America dropping out due to, in my opinion, prudish convictions about not wanting to receive money from an event put on by a record label called Man In Decline (featuring a mirror image of the typical chart of hominid evolution, going man to ape, as their logo) and featuring a band called Gay Kiss, the lineup changed a bit as well: Two local hardcore bands that don't play out too much, Cielos and Sacred Followers, both had to drop. Taking their place were Said Gun and Dead Canyon, toning down the aggro vibes of the show significantly.

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Despite taking their name from an Embrace song, Said Gun sounds a little more like Hot Water Music and similarly gruff and melodic Gainesville punk. They have definitely improved since I saw them years ago playing at a house show and selling a CD-R packaged in a jacket featuring a drawing of a taco stabbing a sandwich.

I am not sure if vegans are allowed to listen to Dead Canyon on account of how beefy their riffs are. They are a newer band that seems to be more and more finding their place between straight-up Sabbath-inspired jams and slower psych tunes. They've gotten really tight, and I would like to see what direction they take their music.

Seas Will Rise initiated the more aggressive sounding part of the night. Evoking bands like Discharge, His Hero Is Gone, and even Motorhead, Seas Will Rise plays the kind of low and heavy crust punk that sounds like the soundtrack to a post-apocalyptic landscape. It almost sounded too grim to be something you would want for a charity event, but their hearts are in the right place.

For Gay Kiss, this show marked a homecoming of sorts, as they have not played a Phoenix show since their tour kickoff in December. Their set was very short, but intense as always. Somehow (it's always "somehow" with this band) one of the monitors ended up rolling on to the floor, but fortunately no band members were harmed (as is common with this band). My only complaint is that Yucca's sound didn't do them justice. I don't really know a lot about working a board, but it's rare to see a hardcore band with a trebly guitar tone sound good at Yucca.

Overall, the show seemed to go over really well as a diverse showcase of local bands, but also as a charity event. A lot of people bought raffle tickets, but it seems no one wanted to accept one of the prizes, two tickets to the upcoming Bane and Cruel Hand show at the Nile. I guess while this was a positive event, no one was feeling posi enough to commit to that. Still, people into grim and dark hardcore are always willing to lend a helping hand for a cause.

Critic's Notebook:

Last night: Seas Will Rise, Gay Kiss, Dead Canyon, Said Gun @ Yucca Tap Room

Record collector's dream: The Man In Decline distro featured some ridiculously intriguing '90s punk records including a split between Unbroken and the old Tucson hardcore band Groundwork, an early Fuel (no, not THAT Fuel) 7", and a split between J Church and Discount among many other things.

Quote of the night: "I spent 38 dollars of the band fund to buy mushrooms. I thought it was important at the time."

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