Caspa at School of Rock, 3/15/12

Caspa School of Rock Thursday, March 15, 2012

UK DJ Caspa likes to brag that he's the "dopest ghost in town," and while plenty of folks were across town checking out a couple of other pale, English gents, he proudly shredded speakers in downtown Tempe and lived up to his brags.

Before Caspa even took the stage, I was treated to not one but two light shows. For you EDM newbies, I'll make it short and simple: Someone, comes up to you and asks, "Hey, you want a light show?" Say yes, and the gloves come out. Each finger has a LED light attached to the end of it. The fingers dance in front of your face. Sound weird? Yeah. Is it pretty awesome? Also yeah.

I was ready and pumped up by the time Capsa took the stage to a booming intro announcing his "dopeness."

Once the music started the dancing never stopped. Caspa dropped hits like 'Where's My Money?' with the requisite raunch needed to get the crowd going. Not just bringing his own songs to the table, he dropped Flux Pavilion's "Cracks," which set the crowd on fire. The crowd could not stop singing along and dancing to the beat.

I can't lie: It's hard to take notes when you can't stop dancing.

The crowd was of the hardcore variety, with few newbs or randoms to be spotted. The sound system was maxed out but held its own, and the light show was top notch.

With an excessive amount of whomps and head bops the music kept blaring. Caspa finished up, but the crowd lingered and begged for more. They turned on the house lights - almost another light show in itself as my eyes and grown accustomed to the darkness and flashing LEDs - and announced that it was time to leave.

Critic's Notebook

Last Night: Caspa at School of Rock

The Crowd: Finally a good EDM/rave scene. Of course the college market was there, but it was a clear statement that Caspa brought out the raver in everyone.

Personal Bias: Honestly, I was so excited for this show. I'd prefer my personal life to be just one big Caspa concert.

Random Notebook Dump: Damn barely any notes. I danced way too much. Overheard in the crowd: "Awesome way to kick off spring break guys!"

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