DJ Dossier

Casper...That Funky DJ Talks Laidback Luke, Hype Machine, Ludachrist, and More

AKA: Casper...That Funky DJ

Current club nights: Currently a resident DJ for Relentless Beats You can catch me at Cream Stereo Lounge on Giant Wednesdays and their one of parties. Thursday nights at Incognito for Beat Freq. I also have regular guest appearances at a variety of clubs through out the month, too many to mention.

Genres spun: House, electro, techno, progressive, indie dance, and B-more.

How did you get started as a DJ: My best friend Matt got me into it. He had turntables and was already DJing raves in the late '90s. I would go over to his house and mess around with his breakbeat records until one day I got serious and decided to buy my own records and turntables.

Craziest shit you've seen at a club: This couple from El Paso started a fist fight with both me and my girlfriend while I was djing! It was a Miami Vice theme party. I was dressed up like Sonny Crockett, my girl like a hooker, I don't know maybe that set them off. My girlfriend and I jokingly now say this, "Couples that slay together stay together."

Most you've ever been paid for a gig: I never kiss and tell ;)

Explanation behind your DJ name: Even before I stared DJing my friends always called me by my last name. It just kind of stuck so I adopted it as my DJ name and yes people, it is my real last name, and no I'm not showing you my license.

What do you like about the Phoenix scene? The diversity of club nights we have. There are nights that specialize in house, electro, break beats, dub step, hip-hop, indie/rock, etc. I love it, it keeps my creative juices flowing.

What would you change? Plain and simple...less politics. If you're involved in this scene you'd understand.

Are you involved/associated with any DJ crews? Relentless Beats, Hades Entertainment, Fuse Fridays, fauxShow.

Best experience as a DJ: Best would be placing 2nd in the New Times DJ Spin Off in 2008 and 2009.

Worst request you've ever gotten? Any time some ask me to play hip-hop while I'm playing house music. Don't get me wrong I love hip-hop. I see it like this you don't go to a Chinese restaurant and order spaghetti. Do you? No. Didn't think so.

What's your mantra when it coming to DJing: Kissing babies and shaking hands (AKA networking, networking, and more networking).

How do you get a crowd going? It's important to show the audience that I'm having a good time first of all. Knowing your crowd and the room you're in is very essential. Get them wiggling, bouncing, and dancing in that order and they are yours for the evening.

What sites do you use for music? I usually start at Hype Machine and just start digging through all the different blog sites. Sometimes I'll stop by Beatport to see what's crackin'.

Which acts are you championing lately in your sets? Laidback Luke, Boys Noize, Boy 8-Bit, Chris Lake, Bart B-More, Cirez D, Afrojack, just to name a few.

Where do you shop locally for your music? Nowhere these days since the digital juggernaut took over and forced places like Swell, Plastik Records, and London West to close their doors. Technology is bittersweet.

Last album you purchased: La Roux's self-titled.

Last song you download: "Jena 1997" by Leon.

Song currently stuck in your head: "Pon de Foley" mash-up by Ludachrist

Any other projects you got going: Working on some big things with Relentless Beats that will dropping later this year. Stay tuned my friends, I'll keep you posted.

Where can people find your remixes? Download my newest mix at SoundCloud. I will be hosting all future mixes there.

Any future gigs you'd like to promote? The Big Event on May 21st at Firebird Raceway. This will be Arizona's largest electronic music festival to date. I'll be sharing the stage with DJ such as Simon Patterson, Matt Darey, Sandra Collins, Klass, DJ Irene, Morgan Page, Le Castlevania, DJ Craze and Phoenix's finest local DJs.

When not djing, where can you be found? You can meet me on the dance floor after midnight. During the winter you can find me snowboarding. DJing just fills in the gap between the snowboarding seasons. LOL

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