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Catching Up

Things have been a bit quiet here at Ear Infection HQ over the last few days thanks to a fractured and sprained wrist that's been immobilized by an evil splint device which I've recently removed... There was some tomfoolery between brothers and instead of landing on my ass, which I should have, I tried to break the fall, succeeding only in fucking up my wrist. Then I waited ten days to see a doctor, one of which was the

Liar's Handshake marathon

where I was clapping my ass off, basically spiderwebbing my fracture. Nonetheless, the pain has mostly subsided and I've freed the hand from its captor. But whilst I was injured I whiled away my time at some kick ass shows. I caught

the Impossible Ones

CD release party at the Yucca Tap Room on Saturday and grabbed a CD; finally the band decided not to make me sound like a liar for printing a


about its reunion back last summer. The band didn't disappoint, I actually think that the live show is more fun than the CD; Neil doesn't sound so damn squealy. The highlight of the shows I saw was last Thursday, not long after the aforementioned belated doctor visit, when I got the Stray Cat just in time to see

Hellas Mounds

. It's basically the same guys who were in We Fly Our Kites at Night, but with a different bass player and doing a completely different style of music than the previous hyperactive scream-core they reveled in. Now it's all slow-core and ambient, like old school Slint. Apparently, due to some vocal chord constraints, the band is going completely instrumental soon, but at the show Thursday Marcus was still rocking the mic, sitting on a barstool in front of the stage hunched over facing the band. A couple of days later, Justin, the guitar player, rocked me down the two tracks the band has recorded while I smoked a cigarette in his truck. The tracks were awesome, and ought to make their way up in this piece sooner than later. Then again, as We Fly Our Kites at Night, this are the guys who named a song after something I said ("'I Want My Alcohol to Taste Like Alcohol, Not Candy' - BJK") and then never gave me a copy of the CD that it was on. So who knows. The band's playing at the Phix on April 13 with Clouds and Intronaut, don't miss that shit.

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