CD preview: Every Avenue, 'Picture Perfect'

CD preview: Every Avenue, 'Picture Perfect'

He's been hurt, though, judging from the negative tone in many of the songs' very personal lyrics, which tend to be narrative and give listeners glimpses into his romantic life. Just like the first album, he seems to be unlucky in love. In "Happy the Hard Way," he sings, "How could a love hurt this bad? How could we lose all we had?" In "Finish What You Started," he begs, ""If you had the nerve just to walk away, then kill me with the words that you didn't say."

And in the scathing first single, "Tell Me I'm a Wreck," Stauchman says he was never interested in a long-term thing with his ex and insults her clinginess and fashion sense.


The fun thing about Every Avenue is that, no matter how brutal the lyrics, every song is able to be sung along to. It's a wonder their songs haven't become pop hits, while less impressive bands Boys Like Girls and All Time Low have made it onto Top 40 stations.

Maybe the band will gain some new fans at their show. The guys constantly move around on-stage and don't lose their technicality in the energetic set. Hopefully they'll be headlining soon.


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