Celebrity Fight Night, *Sadisco, Peelander-Z, Aloft and More Over the Weekend

Celebrity Fight Night XV From the Red Carpet
Michael Phelps, Forest Whitaker, Kurt Warner and more showed up to support Celebrity Fight Night which raised $6.6 million for charities such as the Muhammad Ali Parkinson Center on Saturday, March 28, 2009...see the shots

*Sadisco: The SadisClones Prosthetic Army
Falsies were all the rage at Homme Lounge last night--but not the silicone-filled variety (for once). The SadisClones Prosthetic Army sadistic disco was more interested in fake arms, legs and in one case, eyeballs. This monthly dance party is a chance for Phoenix's vinyl underbelly to shake a leg, in this case one independent of a body...see the shots

Peelander-Z Brings Out the Freaks and Geeks to the Trunk Space
But until last night I'd never seen a gigantic guitar-shaped squid made from foam rubbed playing another guitar with its tentacles, or even two dozen people banging pots and pans with drumsticks while other audience members did the limbo. Both odd acts were part of the orgy of outrageousness that ensued when Japanese action-comic punk band Peelander-Z show visited the downtown Phoenix performance venue...full story

Aloft and W XYZ Grand Opening
New Tempe Hotel Aloft and it's uber-chic bar W XYZ opened on March 27, 2009 to a crowd of trendy travelers...full story

See: Photos from the Aloft and W XYZ Opening

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Jonathan McNamara

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