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It's that time of year again, when all our sins come back to bite us in the ass, and right around midnight on New Year's Eve, we resolve to fix all the things we keep doing wrong. Here are a few resolutions from musical artists to help you remember it's not just you who dreams of getting it right the next time around.

"To move out of my mom's basement by the end of 2006." -- Mark Civaitarese (The Unseen)

"To be honest, I'm kind of a day-by-day resolution guy. But I guess my resolution would be to spend more time with my family. I'm pretty damn grateful for the year I've had already, and if I can have another one just like it, I'll be happy." -- Jared Woosley (Fivespeed)

"I will look for a Halloween costume at least a day in advance so that I'm not left with the last item on the children's rack." -- Sage Francis

"I promise to drink no less than I have been, and to have no more unprotected text . . . text messaging, that is." -- Gavin DeGraw

"Don't make the same mistakes I made last year." -- Bobby Valentino

"To just keep on moving forward and be the best person I can be." -- Fefe Dobson

"To make no more New Year's resolutions! I would love to say that I'm going to diligently exercise and eat right and not curse, but I just know myself way too well. So, in conclusion, I'm stickin' to the original program." -- Shelly Fairchild

"To really blow up and get the music out there." -- Leela James

"Stop drinking a bottle of beer a show. Instead, step it up and go for a personal best by trying to drink two bottles a show." -- Elvis Cortez (Left Alone)

"My New Year's resolution is to clean up my office, and to work out really hard and get in really great shape." -- Aimee Mann

"Think positive." -- Amanda Barrett (The Ditty Bops)

"I promise and swear upon my dead ancestors that I will do more sit-ups and push-ups this year so that I look good at the beach." -- Steve E. Nix (The Briefs)

"My New Year resolution is to have less material to write about, which really means less drama with girls." -- Pete Wentz (Fall Out Boy)

"I resolve to commit one hour, every day, to practicing my bass guitar, one hour to concentrating on my visual art mediums, and one hour to sitting quietly and saying nothing." -- Bif Naked

"I resolve to be a better mother, auntie, and friend." -- Yolanda Adams

"To not be a worrywart, and not drive all my friends nuts." -- Toby Lightman

"This year I am making a resolution to cook more when I am at home, and to eat healthier on the road." -- Bryan Laurenson (Copeland)

"Eighteen of us just got back from Italy, where we got to visit family. I want to learn Italian so I can communicate better with them next time I go back." -- Sonny from P.O.D.

"I resolve to not break as many strings or snort while laughing onstage." -- Melissa Ferrick

"I resolve to practice the Dobro every day and to stop writing songs with the word 'love' in them." -- Natalia Zukerman

"This New Year's, I plan to call my three-legged cat by his name and stop referring to him as 'Tripod,' because I imagine that it's slowly chiseling away at his self-esteem." -- Matt Taylor (Motion City Soundtrack)

"I'd like to upgrade from Yellow Tail to Kendall Jackson, Popov to Ketel One, and Natural Ice to Bud Light. Sometimes the best things come from a glass bottle and not a plastic turbo jug." -- Barry Kerch (Shinedown)

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