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Check Out This Slayer Fan's Sorta Creepy Hand-Written Press Release

Slayer is known for having very dedicated fans.

Turns out they're dedicated enough to issue their own press releases.

Hand-written on notebook paper, no less.

So, yeah, check out this crazy letter from someone who says he's Greg Valentino of Pleasant Hills, California. No idea who that is, but the bodybuilder who exploded his arms, who has the same name, spells his handle with two G's.

Slayer's publicist -- a very nice woman named Heidi Ellen Robinson Fitzgerald --  says the band's people have nothing to do with the letter. She issued this statement:

"I've been Slayer's publicist for most of the past twenty years, and while I am not familiar with Mr. Valentino, while he is not 'officially' in a position to be generating press releases on behalf of Slayer, I would say he characterizes the hard-core, treasured Slayer fan, and mirrors why Slayer has endured for nearly 30 years:  Mr. Valentino is obviously passionate about what he supports, his request to Mr. Cizmar demonstrates his refusal to compromise what he knows should be, and he has an uncanny awareness as to where Slayer's rightful place is in every entertainment magazine. I tip my hat to you, Mr. Valentino. Mr. Cizmar, your move."

Unfortunately, this missive arrived too late for me to run a big ol' preview of the show on the front of this week's paper. We did run a short advance of the show this Friday, however. Hopefully that's cool with Beavis, Butthead and any other die-hard Slayer fans out there.

By the way, here's what that letter said:

The world is waiting for you to report this Grammy nominated band. They are currently on the road with Megadeath [sic] the lead singer Dave Mustaine out with a new auto biography. This 2010 venue is loud + live. The front page of your entertainment section is what they deserve. It is up to you. We all would love the coverage. Thank you, Greg Valentino.

By the way, most of those names and companies at the top --,, Hinton, Alfert and Sumner, Nicholson + Nicholson and the like -- are lawyers. Not sure what that's about.

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