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Chester Bennington Among Crowd at Muse Concert

Common folk weren't the only peeps to check out Muse and Silversun Pickups last night at US Airways Center. Apparently a famous face, Chester Bennington of Linkin Park, was also in the audience checking out the show.

To offset the fact the band doesn't alter their set list, they tried to keep audience members engaged with the use of lasers and special dedications of songs -- which was also good if you're a Twilight fan.

Read on to see more of what people who went to the show Tweeted about it.

@david_choi- @muse concert last night was awesome. there were lasers. tempted to go again sunday night in tucson

@silkysilt Really enjoyed @sspu and @muse concert last night. It was amazing.

@alleykat123 Yesterday i went to my first concert. MUSE WAS INSANE!!!!!

@Twong3- Chester from LP was there, if only he was on my side I would have been seating really close to him!
besides the dedication of smbh to steph meyer, the concert was a blast!
YES!!!! The Muse Concert was soooo epic.apparently the phx setlist was the same from portland. Apparently this also happens to be the crappy setlist. Still good imo

@theaterstar- Omg Muse... I think I'm in love. lol But seriously. AWESOME concert! Can't wait to buy some of their music =]

@CitizenErasedxx- @muse concert is over! Waited 2 and a half hours to meet them, and was very disappointed. But I will try again on Sunday!

@dezignosaur- MUSE was amazing in concert!

@ericsalisbury- The Muse concert was epic!! Possibly the greatest show I've seen

@grhmbsch- muse concert was amazing!

@SongBird3411- Just saw Muse in concert in Phoenix. It was awesome! Quite a step up in the world from when I saw them in 06. Amazing concert!

@spitfire8125- @muse- This concert was AMAZING. Best show I've ever been to.

@jwish- Muse concert was great. Really impressive stage and they played for a good amount of time.

@MrJQ23- @ChesterBe to be honest, I've been an LPU member since LPU 5 and seen you guys in concert 9 times. However, no offense, Muse is #1 Live Band

@dannyruiiiz- muse concert = AMAZING

@wtfbueno- The muse concert was hands down the best concert ever!!!

@IridiannSalgado- the #MUSE concert was epically amazing! :) #nowplaying Time is Running Out

@juliannaalabado oh my goodness MUSE blew my mind. far far away. it was the most brilliant concert ever :)))))))))))

@HAILTHEKING- The Muse concert was insane. Even if you don't like Muse. They were rock solid & everything sounded/looked great.

@totalhcorejulio- The Muse concert was just EPIC !!! It was simply amazing really one of the greatest if not the greatest shows I've ever been at.

@ScottKirchhofer- Muse and Silversun Pickups rocked! Great concert!!!

@kevincoulston- That MUSE concert was fucking INSANELY AWESOME!

@BlueCockatoo- BEST. CONCERT. EVAR. Muse was AWESOME!

- #muse concert. omg. Amazing.

@anniebuentello- Muse= Best. Concert. Ever!

@alexistrimble- muse just blew my mind out of my head. Best concert i have EVER been too!!!

@FlowershopGirls- Muse concert was nothing short of brilliant. Radiohead meets Depeche Mode meets Queen. Amazing show.

@Jenn_ex- That was pretty effing relevant for a concert. I freekin love #muse

@ovidem- Amazing concert, audience is loving it!

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