Chip Again? Yeah, One More Song

Above - Chippy's first drum set, 1971

Not to beat a dead country horse, but I was remiss yesterday in not mentioning that Chip Hanna, who I wrote about in my column Revolver this week, is playing at Mardi Gras tonight - the reason I mention this although I already mentioned his Wednesday night happy hours at Last Exit is that the turnout for the happy hour can be pretty sparse because of the early set; the one tonight is an actual nighttime, honkytonk, replete with jello shots - and it's Ladies Night, whatever that means (I won't tell Chip's wife Erin if you don't). Anyhow, here's another track by Chippy for you, one that pretty much tells the story of his journey from Louisiana to California to become a punk drummer, and finally to Phoenix to find his calling as a honky tonker. Enjoy.

Chip Hanna - "Wouldn't Change a Thing"


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