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While bizarro their name doesn't exactly roll off the tongue, it doesn't seem to be hurting !!! (CHK CHK CHK). The group, which originally formed to play an all-night party in Sacramento, has been called one of the most inventive dance-punk bands around. Their catchy tunes will infiltrate your noggin and are sure to make people bounce around vibrator-style on the dance floor. But what else would you expect from a band with a clear love of exclamation points? Lead singer Nick Offer recently told expressnightout.com that the Brooklyn-based group jumped on board the dance/rock train in time to reap the rewards. "There's an evolution of dance in indie rock right now," he said. "It's so much easier now than it was. Our first couple years, we used to get shit for yelling at the audience to dance. It felt like, at the time, it was a wall that needed to be hurdled or broken down." Keep an eye out for this act, who will release their next disc in 2010 and will pack 'em in at the Rhythm Room this week.
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Kelly Wilson