Chris Donathon Comments On The Medic Droid's Recent Break-Up

This monkey doesn't dance anymore.
Happenstance totally rules.

I was lucky enough to run into Chris Donathon last night when I was out covering The Edge 103.9's Third Thursday concert in Scottsdale. The 23-year-old vocalist for the now-defunct electro power-pop band The Medic Droid was attending the event with his fiancée and appeared to be having a good time.

I'd been trying to get a hold of him to get his side of story in regards to the band's break-up earlier this week, but he had remained mute on the subject, until now.

"I missed your call the other night, but now I have a comment for you," he says "I got tired of playing the monkey dance to pay everybody else's bills."

I tried asking some follow-up questions for further explanation about the situation, but Donathon had already walked away with his fiancée in tow. I can only assume that his somewhat cryptic comment had something to do with the massive band-related drama (described to me by those close to Donathon), which was a contributing cause for The Medic Droid's meltdown.

Ben Collins, The Medic Droid's now-former manager and head of its label Modern Art Records, told me on Wednesday that Donathon had become suspicious of guitarist/keyboard player Hector Bagnod and other friends during the band's recent nationwide tour.

According to Collins, the singer started making "paranoid accusations" about how his personal items were being stolen backstage, Modern Art Records was riding the coattails of the band's success, and that everyone was out to get him. As I wrote in a previous blog on the break-up (as well as my recent cover story on the band), Donathon allegedly had begun acting irrationally and drinking heavily throughout the final stretch of the tour.

Collins claims that he and other friends have tried to help Donathan cope with his issues, but to no avail. They're hoping now that the band is finished, the singer will finally do just that.

I sent a text message with Donathon's comment to Collins to get his reaction.

"I hope in a few weeks he'll come back [down] to earth," Collins wrote back. -- Benjamin Leatherman

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