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Chris Isaak @ Celebrity Theatre

It's been a while since Chris Isaak released an album of all-new music (2009's Mr. Lucky), but for the rockabilly crooner with the spangled jacket, fat Chet Atkins-style guitar, and perfectly coifed hair, new material isn't really necessary. Isaak made his name with his early albums, most notably San Francisco Days, Heart Shaped World, and his self-titled second album. The hits were immediate: "Blue Hotel," Heart Shaped World," "Heart Full of Soul," and, of course, the seductive, vibrato-filled "Wicked Game," which still has women swooning in their seats. The Stockton, California native spent the '90s all over the radio, filling clubs, and generally on top of the world. Though his star faded in the next decade, he's continued to ply his trademark sound, most recently releasing 2011's Beyond the Sun, what he calls an "album I always wanted to make." Though Isaak adds a few copycat originals honed to fill out the album, the core work features, appropriately enough, rockabilly and rough-and-tumble early country songs originally recorded at Memphis' famed Sun Studio. Isaak taps Roy Orbison, Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis, and Carl Perkins, among other Sun greats.

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