Chris Jericho to Bring Fozzy to Club Red During Wrestlemania Weekend

Chris Jericho is one prolific mofo.

Besides his day job as a dastardly villain for World Wrestling Entertainment (on its weekly Smackdown TV show), the 40-year-old Canuck is a published author, indie film actor, and one of the many talking heads featured on such VH-1 programs as 100 Most Shocking Music Moments.

Oh, yeah, and he's also a major metalhead who's served as frontman for Fozzy, his vanity hard-rock band, for more than a decade.

The alt-metal band started out in 1999 as Spinal Tap-esque act, and has experienced a fair amount of success due to Jericho's popularity as a wrestler. Fozzy has been featured on WWE programming (natch), played a few major metal festivals, and released five different albums (including this year's Chasing the Grail) that have gotten reasonably good reviews from sites like Allmusic.com.

Jericho's scheduled a gig for Fozzy on Friday, March 26, at Club Red in Tempe, which coincides with his appearance at Wrestlemania XXVI later that weekend at University of Phoenix Stadium. Local rockers Razer will also perform, and the show will also offer local WWE fans a chance to meet Y2J.

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