Christian Filardo: Avant-Garde "Has to Have Some Sense of Humor"

Christian Filardo is a local fixture in some ways. The 21-year-old is known as a noise musician, currently under the moniker Baseball Cap, and as an intermedia artist. He also is the founder of Holy Page Records, a record label that mostly releases cassettes of any music he finds interesting, ranging from indie pop to harsh noise to black metal. More recently, he's gained recognition as a curator of a DIY museum housed in two sheds in his backyard. In his not-so-distant past, he was known for his experimentations with "Dunkwave."

I say that he's only a local fixture in some ways because he'll be leaving Phoenix this summer to pursue new opportunities in Baltimore. I talked with him recently about his current projects, his past works, and the future.

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Mike Bogumill
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