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Christmas Pudding and More Local Shows Getting Concertgoers in the Holiday Spirit

The week leading up to Christmas has been a little light in shows overall, but with plenty of holiday-themed shows around the Valley.

Fans of all genres enjoyed some killer awesome shows this past week, including Alice Cooper's Christmas Pudding, Andrew Jackson Jihad, Infected Mushroom, The Judds, Sweet Pie, and Trapt.

Read on to see what people were Tweeting during and after the shows (and read our review of Alice Cooper's Christmas Pudding here).

@jessicacuff1- Alice coopers christmas pudding show : rob zombie @rwzombie best night ever...

@sms33184- i also went to alice cooper's christmas pudding. that was a blast, great concert

@Emperor_norton- AJJ put on a good show. They even covered The Eagles! Packed house.

@mobster_reno- Andrew Jackson Jihad...why have I not listened to them until now?

@me_Max- About to get crazy at Infected Mushroom!

@Cbart4merc- Outstand show by The Judds! Took me back to a "simpler" time for sure. Gods blessings definitely felt.

@ernieborunda- The Judds concert totally exceeded my expectations. Awesome gift! ...Love can build a bridge...

@LeDASHa07- Got soooo many good gifts!!! I love early christmas'!!! Especially with The Judds!! :-)

@CandyeKaneBand- had a great time in phx last night. sweet pie was crazy and off the hook and we had a packed house. shows why the rhythm room does it best!

@turnitupinc- Party'n with my boys in Trapt tonight!!!!

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