Christwire Issues Hilarious Coachella Warning

Christwire has issued a hilarious warning about Coachella titled "Coachella is a Festival of Disease and Sin. Your Children Most Likely Will Die."

The satirical site -- that means it's not real, folks -- begins by describing the California festival as "a concert event for neo hippies, naked beer drinkers and drug addicts. Each year the event grows in numbers and so do its cases of rape, murder and cases of teenage runways. No were else are so many drugs taken, orgies performed and victimaztion of America's young daughters." Later, there's a graph about the spread of STDs at the festival.

The best part, of course, is the indignation of ignorant people not in on the joke who want to call everyone else ignorant.

"You're an ignornat human being. Actually you ALL are compelely retarded. There aren't rapes, orgies or anything of the sort at the actual festival. Its a music festival. A MUSIC FESTIVAL its about MUSIC and ART. People like you need to get a clue and stop being so clueless. There's a lot going on in this world that isn't all evil and sin," says one commenter who goes by the handle "adriana."

For some lulz, go here to tell adriana how wrong she is and how she's definitely going to hell.

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