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Cinco de Mona's Rockamole @ Rhythm Room

Eating Mexican food and getting drunk on tequila is so much more fun when there's good music. And on this Cinco de Mayo, the Rhythm Room is the place to be if you're 21 or older and want high-quality local tunes while you're sipping margaritas. More than 10 Rhythm Room regulars, including Mergence and The Lonesome Wilderness, will take the stage, and the day's festivities will include live painting, belly dancers, mobile tattoos and piercings, a dunk tank, mustache and salsa contests, and El Jimador tequila specials. The Cinco De Mona's Rockamolé celebration also honors Rhythm Room manager MonaLisa Watkins' birthday. "As long as I've known Mona, she's worked tirelessly to promote other artists and causes, so this is her one big day to step into the spotlight and soak up some of that love she's been putting out all year long," says festival co-promoter Anamieke Quinn, who will be performing with Sara McAllister Duo and her headlining band, Treasurefruit. The band's self-described "desert noir" joins a lineup that already includes everything from grunge to reggae funk. Quinn's promise: "People will walk away from our set feeling deeper, wiser, and ready to kick some ass in life."

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Nicki Escudero
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