Club Candids

Club Candids at Giligin's

Anyone who happens to hang out at Giligin's in Scottsdale on the weekends should automatically have an interesting story to tell. Por que? Because of Chuey the Rock 'n' Roll Midget, that's why. (For instance, how many of your tales of memorable nightlife exploits include the phrase "...and then the midget walked by"? Not many, we reckon.)

There's always a cast of kooky characters lurking about the Old Town (including its always-amusing owner "Captain" Mike Fields), but none are as memorable as Chuey. Whether he's dispensing off-color jokes or high-octane adult beverages at his tiny "midget bar," this diminutive devil can add a certain zaniness to any nightlife experience.

We managed to snap a picture or two of the cat during a visit to Giligin's this past Friday night, which you can witness for yourself in our weekly Club Candids slideshow.

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