There were boys there.
There were boys there.

Club Candids at Hoodlums

We trust Hoodlums to put on a damn fine event. So when we heard about the "Support Your Local Band" Poster Art Show, put together by Hoodlums and the community, we were in, baby!

On Saturday, March 28th, we perused the walls that were filled with some stellar artwork, honoring local bands. Of course, since Spraygraphic is internet based, some of the bands "local-ness" was relative, depending on the artist's hometown. But, we spied many posters for some of the most talked about AZ bands...Black Carl, What Laura Says and Kirkwood Dellinger, to name a few.

Oh, and there were lots of people there, too. So we took pictures of them for the slideshow, of course!

"Support Your Local Band" Poster Art Show runs until the end of April at Hoodlums Music and Movies, 6434 South McClintock Dr. in Tempe,


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