Now, that's some serious commitment.EXPAND
Now, that's some serious commitment.

Club Candids at Los Esmiths' Show at Club Red

We're not going to make any bones about it: we effing love The Smiths. And we effing love Morrissey.

So when we heard that this cover band from Calexico, California, called Los Esmiths was playing at Club Red, we made it priority number one for our weekend's schedule.

With tremendous showmanship and way better-than-decent re-creations of Smiths songs, we weren't let down. The vocals were stellar and the whole club was dancing, screaming, and singing every word (here's the slideshow for ya).

That kind of enthusiasm almost makes us love Morrissey fans more than we love the man himself.

Club Red, 2155 East University Drive in Tempe, 480-966-4733,


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