The loveliest ladies in the land.
The loveliest ladies in the land.

Club Candids at Rowdy Boutique

You may think of this whole Club Candids thing as a cheap excuse to run around town and get loaded but you're quite mistaken, my friend. When we need to class it up a bit, we know how. And we felt like the Night of Fashion at Rowdy Boutique last Thursday (September 17th) was a perfect opportunity.

The night benefited local non-profit, AZ Visionaries and while we thought this was a great cause, we couldn't help but relish in the 20% discount on all items in the store as well as the aesthetics of the ridiculously attractive women who attended (just check the slideshow). Wine was sipped, a raffle was drawn, and the sale rack was picked over by night's end.

No doubt about it, this boutique has permanently blipped itself on our radar for the next time we can drop a little cash for some quality clothes.

Rowdy Boutique, 4714 N. 7th St. in Phoenix,


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