Club Candids

Club Candids at The Firehouse

On any given Sunday in Scottsdale, Old Town becomes something of a ghost town. Although many gin joints and posh watering holes are open and offering libations, the majority of the party crowd generally is at home nursing their hangovers from the night before or resting up for another work week.

One of the few exceptions to this rule is The Firehouse, which does brisk business on a Sunday night, which is when the Club Candids cameras paid a visit.

As Kris "Steel" Chupp was working a laptop and turntable to drop a hot hip-hop mix from the bar and restaurant's DJ booth, which is built from the cab of an old pumper truck, both babes and bros were mingling at the main bar in search of liquid refreshment poured by the model quality bartending staff.

Meanwhile, The Firehouse is apparently a favorite destination for members of the service industry (a.k.a. waitstaff and bartenders from other nearby clubs) on their off nights or after clocking out. A slew of employees from such joints as El Hefe and Rockbar stopped by the place to be served drinks instead of serving 'em.

Its interesting to note that in another lifetime (read: five years ago), the Firehouse was known as Mickey's Hangover, a go-to spot for the trendy Scottsdale crowd looking for sustenance and spirits on a Sunday. Its nice to know that the more things change, the more they stay the same, even in the tumultuous, ever-changing Old Town scene.

See some of the many snapshots we grabbed during our visit to the Firehouse via this week's Club Candids slideshow.

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