Club Candids at The Rose & Crown Pub

There are some weekends when we just want to hit a favorite spot in town and see how photo-worthy it can be.

Last Friday, July 31st, was one such night. We rolled down to The Rose & Crown Pub which is fast becoming one of our favorite drinking holes in Central Phoenix (check our slideshow). They've got a great selection of booze and a steady stream of patrons - just enough to keep things interesting but never too many people to keep you from getting a drink at the bar. The outside patio rivals some of the best in town with plenty of benches, a mister shower that will keep you cool and a game of corn-hole at the ready on the side lawn.

It's like the quieter, less slutty Central Phoenix version of Casey Moore's without the super drunk guy at the bar who gets all "grabby" when you walk by. Hmmm...okay, so maybe it's not that much like Casey Moore's...but it has a damn good patio.

The Rose & Crown Pub, 628 E. Adams St. in Phoenix, 602-256-0223, www.myspace.com/roseandcrownpub.

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