Club Candids: Calvin Harris at Myst

Wanna know what would happen if you'd mix ravers, clubbers, house-heads, and the usual Scottsdale crowd all in one place, all at the same time? You'd likely get the same scenario the ensued on Sunday night at Myst in Scottsdale.

To call it packed would be an understatement. To call it crammed to capacity would be more accurate as hundreds fought for floor space, not to mention breathing room, inside the club. And in the VIP lounges. And out on the patio. Movement was damn near impossible, as was getting a drink or bathroom break.

Chalk it up to the drawing power of Calvin Harris, who's infectious, electro-infused cosmic disco grooves have the tendency to get anyone's head bobbing and ass shaking. Almost everyone populating Myst's dance floor had their hands up in the air during the Scottish superstar's 90-minute set, not only because of the music but also because it was it allowed them to navigate through the throng (albeit slowly).

According to a couple Myst employees, officials from the Scottsdale Fire Department came within a hairsbreadth of shutting things down after seeing the size of the crowd. They ultimately allowed the party to continue, due in part to the fact enough people decided to leave the club early.

It's a good thing, as it would've definitely been a major buzzkill had the plug been pulled before last call.

We captured a couple dozen photos of some of the countless cats and sweaty scenesters in attendance at Myst, which you can see by perusing this week's Club Candids slideshow.

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