Club Candids

Club Candids: Celebrating A Final Night of Goth and Industrial Music Mayhem at Sanctum

Editor's Note: In an eerie (and downright unlucky) twist of fate, the freaky folks at Monsterland announced the impending closure of the Mesa spot this afternoon within hours of this blog's publication. See below for more info.

Editor's Note #2: In an even more bizarre twist, whoever's in charge decided on Wednesday night to reverse their decision and continue to have goth and industrial nights at their club. Again, see below for more info.

There wasn't much doom and gloom hanging in the air at Sanctum this past Friday evening, even though the sound system was blasting dark mixes of industrial music and heavier sounds being spun up by DJs like Apollynon and Aeternum on the decks.

In fact, the mood was anything but inside the church-like dance den as its patrons - many of which were clad in black (natch) - conversated in energetic fashion, slipped away to darkened corners for some secluded snogging, or grinded to tracks by Icon of Coil, Front 242, and Apoptygma Berzerk.

The convivial atmosphere of the evening, however, belied the gloomy reason they were all gathered at the club: It might have been one of the final goth and industrial nights that would take place at Sanctum.

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