Club Candids: Cowboy Wow

Handlebar J in Scottsdale on Saturday, April 19th

By: Lilia Menconi

For more cowboy-girl action click here.

Lately, we’ve been feeling like this town is tapped out. Every weekend, it’s the same faces, same get-ups, and same mornings of scattered memories and regrets. So we wallowed in our boredom by staying in and watching movies. But by Saturday night, we couldn’t take it anymore. It was time to get back on the horse, dammit. So we squeezed into our tightest jeans, threw on a Western shirt, and hopped into a pair of cowboy boots for a Saturday night at Handlebar J in Scottsdale. On Saturday, April 19, we were thrilled to find a whole new crew of strapping men who can guzzle beers and twirl on the dance floor with their lady of choice. The rugged, little bar resurged our partying desires and will surely provide inspiration for the weeks to come. Thank you, Handlebar J. We were beginning to lose faith.

Handlebar J 7115 Becker Lane, Scottsdale. Call 480-948-0110 or visit www.handlebarj.com.

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