Club Candids

Club Candids: Foreplay Fridays at Flight Lounge

Scottsdale's shimmering nightlife district tends to become saturated with a maelstrom of vibrant colors, flashing lights, and blaring sound after the sun goes down.

Each illuminated establishment attempts to outdo the another by attracting toned-and-tanned clientele with flashy facades and the promise of exciting nighttime adventure. Well, except for Flight Lounge, that is.

Unlike more ostentatious clubs nearby, this wine bar tucked into a Drinkwater Boulevard strip mall appears staid from the outside, as only a small amount of signage adorns its entrance. Flight Lounge's sedate exterior belies the wild times that typically take place inside the posh premesis, especially during Foreplay Fridays every weekend.

If you can plot a course past the velvet ropes and get a golden ticket inside, an utter bacchanal of beats, babes, and booze await. The luxe lounge's name is a double entendre that covers its dual focus on vino (where flights of wine are available to patrons seeking a touch of the grape) and its aviation shtick, including wall-sized photographs of sexy stewardesses decorate the place and video screens invite patrons join a "Mile High Club" loyalty program.

During Foreplay Fridays, however, Flight takes on more of a Soul Plane vibe (although, sadly, without Snoop Dogg as captain). DJ Reflection and his fellow selectors spin up hip-hop, Top 40, R&B, and a few club bangers to keep the party poppin' and the social scene moving. Since floor space is at a premium inside the smallish spot, Flight's regulars shake their designer-clad booties to the beats anywhere they can -- whether it's in the VIP booths or in front of the bar.

Thankfully, the whole plane theme doesn't carry over to the size of the libations, as the resident drink-slingers serve regular-size cocktails instead of those airplane-size bottles.

Club Candids jetted into Flight Lounge for the most recent Foreplay Fridays and landed some sweet snapshots, which you can spy via this week's slideshow.

Now how do we go about joining that "Mile High" club?

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