Club Candids

Club Candids: Funked Up at Long Wong's

It's time for a revelation: The new Long Wong's in Tempe will never be the same as the old Long Wong's in Tempe. More than seven years after its untimely demise, the Mill Avenue landmark (which gave birth to some of the biggest bands in Valley history) still casts a huge shadow over the local music scene and will never be duplicated.

That being said, the new Long Wong's is one of the best places in the Valley to catch a bands or watch a gig, even if it's on an off night like this past Monday. Mikel Lander from The Sugar Thieves and Brad B. from The Insects unveiled their new weekly event Funked Up (which mixes funk, blues, hip-hop beats) and we can't think of a cooler place to hold the night.

Despite a downright brutal cold snap, dozens showed up to listen to some hot music and peruse the art work being created and displayed by Tempe's most creative cats. Check out who was in the house via this week's Club Candids slideshow.

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