Club Candids: Hellen at Joes Grotto

By Lilia Menconi

Get something a little more metal in the slideshow.

So, after reading the New Times Best of Phoenix Award for the death metal band, Hellen, we thought one of their live shows would drudge up a club candids-worthy crowd for sure. And, just as we suspected, Joe's Grotto on Saturday, October 18th was filled with death metal fans for your visual delight. But these fans were of a special breed. Not only do they enjoy vocals that keep the ear/nose/throat doctors in business, but they want it done by a couple of hot chicks.

We're not going to make any conjectures about this fan base (at least, not publicly) so we'll just say that if you're into a couple of sexy, young babes acting really effing tough and barfing their best demon-voices on stage, this band is it. Even with earplugs crammed into our waxy canals, we heard some ringing on the way home. Yes, these little darlings are that metal.

Joe's Grotto, 13825 N. 32nd St., 602-992-1007, www.joesgrotto.com.

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